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The UK's first home delivery juice 'detox' company

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Who are Raw and Juicy?

Established in 2006, Raw-and-juicy was the first home delivery juice cleansing company ever in the UK.

A juice detox package for you?

We are dedicated to helping you achieve good health by providing bespoke cleansing & detoxification programmes.

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What Raw & Juicy offer.

  • Bespoke alkaline and juice cleansing programmes to suit your individual, lifestyle and dietary requirement.

  • Unlike some juice companies we NEVER freeze our juices. They are always made with fresh ingredients and delivered to you fresh.

  • Free daily deliveries are available to London postcodes.

  • Anything outside London will be sent by Courier at an additional fee (call us for exact amounts)

  • Provide you with a personal programme co-ordinator that is available to you 24 hours a day

  • Amend your cleanse as many times as you like at NO extra cost

  • Each delivery will consist of DIFFERENT juice combinations to ensure your cleanse with us is ENJOYABLE and TASTY!

What our juicy customers are saying.

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Creating it from Raw... to make it Juicy


-Huey Morgan, Fun Lovin Criminals

"...A good friend of mine was telling me how he lost a little of his pudginess at lunch a couple of weeks ago, this pricked up my ears because my…


-Katherine Barton, Vogue Magazine

"...Raw and Juicy is the best detox diet i've ever done. Not only are the juices delicious but the service and support is outstanding...

Raw and Juicy - www.raw-and-juicy.com - For all your juice detox needs. Free daily deliveries in the London area and beyond.

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Latest news / offers.

Once upon a time, cinnamon was more valuable than gold.


And while these days I'm betting most of us would rather get our hands on 24 karats over 24 ounces, this bark-cum-spice has just as much bite as it does bark.


Sept 2014

Our business telephone number has reverted back to 0208 670 0445


January 2014

Our new and improved booking forms are now up and running.

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Welcome to Raw & Juicy.

Raw & Juicy has moved to a new place!


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