Each morning, when I drive my daughter to school, I pass an old cigarette advert painted onto the brick of an old building. It says, “Be kind to yourself! For your throat’s sake, smoke!” For generations we have been taking in nutritional and health advice printed on cereal packs and ‘old brick walls’, wondering why our kids turn into demons after their morning bowl of cereal or facing the reality that smoking isn’t actually good for you at all! GPs are handing out prescribed medicines for one thing or another more than ever before, many without taking the time to first assess our diets before handing over drugs. Please don’t get me wrong, if I need a prescribed medicine for myself or my family, I will take them, but it’s important that we first try to make our own dietary and lifestyle changes before we book an appointment with the doc!

From chronic fatigue and medication…

My own journey and the birth of Raw & Juicy started in 2006. I was suffering with chronic fatigue and various other symptoms that had me sleeping 14 hours a day and feeling very unwell. My GP put me on a combination of anti depressants and contraceptive pills to try and fix the problem, but I wasn’t depressed and the pills caused considerable weigh gain which actually contributed to the ‘fatigue’. I was 26 years old and unhappy about taking strong medication which was just not helping at all. Fatigue, weight gain, bone mineral deficiencies, mood disorders and disease are crippling us and now instead of seeking the doctor first for fixes for these things we are looking at how we can change our own lifestyles and diet in a sustainable way…more people are aware and seeking information about nutrition and health than ever before. We are a changing nation and one to be proud of!

To transformed health & a new passion

I did some research to find the best way of cleansing my system from all the drugs the doctor had been giving me and a juice fast seemed to be the most natural and effective way of doing this. I tried to find retreats that I could go to. I’d read that the optimum duration to fast for a complete detox was 8 weeks but the places that offered juice cleansing programs were either out of my price range or in another country, also I had a 2 year old child and just couldn’t have taken the time away. I was intent that a 8-week juice only cleanse was what I needed to feel better, so I researched it and put together a program for myself at home… My life changed! I didn’t have to sleep 14 hours a night or take regular naps during the day, weight that I had accumulated literally disappeared and I felt normal. Friends saw the transformation and asked me to help them put programs together and so on and so forth. I found my passion and created Raw & juicy.

Raw & Juicy provide more than just juice! We’re here to help you reach your health and well being goals every step of the way

your happiness is our success!