Health: Raw and Juicy Detox

citywealthI fell into the programme with Stephanie Morgan at Raw and Juicy when one of my PRs phoned to ask if I would like to give it a try. I did not really understand a word but I liked the idea that the programme promotes natural healing (was thinking of my long suffering liver), so in true gung ho style agreed to try their new juice fast or detox concept which means no food for fourteen days,just juice and vit shots. The programme works by resting your digestion system which allows your body to use this energy elsewhere to promote self healing.

The enormity of the detox became clear when I had my consultation with Stephanie. I psychologically gulped. “What really? Just juice for fourteen days? And you do what with clay and husk and an enema bag?” were the sort of questions that arose. The Sex in the City bit is the glam brown bags that arrive each day filled with freshly pummelled juices and vitamin shots made from Spirulina. If your neighbours were not twitching their curtains before, they certainly will now.

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