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theresidentIt always amazes me how during the winter months we allow our disciplined diets to fall by the wayside, I know it was cold this winter but was it so cold that we had to give ourselves a permanent extra layer of insulation? I did a swift straw poll amongst colleagues and most admitted to rising in mass by a few pounds during the darkest months, with some even going up a dress size in their winter wardrobe. There are many suggestions as to why we allow our weight to fluctuate like this: namely because unless we are taking in some winter sun, the general public won’t be seeing our naked flesh for at least six months so it doesn’t matter if it softens around the edges slightly; and simply because winter food is generally stodgier, out goes the lettuce leaf lunch and in comes the heavy soups, stews and any resistance to settling in on a cold winter’s night with a bar of Dairy Milk.

But with the mercury rising and cashmere jumpers making way for floating dresses and horror of all horrors, a swimsuit, I need to get in shape. As with a domestic spring clean, now is a great time to give your body a serious cleanse with a detox. The original innovator of the home delivery juice detox, Raw and Juicy was my aide of choice for the week-long fast and I met founder Stephanie Morgan over a cup of herbal tea to discuss the process.

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