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Eleanora Temple


In September 2008, I was very fortunate to be advised by my colonic therapist about Stephanie and her detox juice plan. I had come back from Cuba from a 2 week holiday and found that I had put on a lot of weight! (all inclusive resort where food was on tap) and decided to go on a regime where I could lose weight and feel and look better.

I started on the 28th of September 2008 and finished a month later on the 26th of October, thanks to the detox regime, I instantly felt energetic, revitalised and regenerated. I managed to shed a stone and a half and kept the weight off for a considerable time.

In my opinion the detox programme offers a unique and catalytic formula that helps you transform your body in a natural and profound way. During the detox I experienced cleansing on all levels, emotional, intellectual and psychological which I believe we should experience on a regular basis in order to maintain a strong and powerful mind, body and soul.

If you look at all the major faiths in the world, they also teach us about “detoxing” the body of all toxins in order for our cells to “rejuvenate and experience rebirth”. The detox juice formula is beyond a shadow of a doubt an antidote for “pro youth living” and a recipe for health and vitality. Raw and juicy is beyond a doubt a company with a unique vision, created by a unique person who is way ahead of her time.

I have complete and utter faith in the product and recommend it to everyone on the planet.

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