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Emma Simkins


The best thing about the Raw & Juicy programme was how easy and convenient it was – I loved waking up to find my juices waiting for me. Not having to think about making them and cleaning the juicer meant I was totally free to concentrate on all the other things going on in my life. During this detox I found the benefits to fasting were huge and far-reaching. The question on everyone’s lips was, “Aren’t you hungry?” but for the most part, the answer was “no.”

I admit I missed the savoury taste of food but with all the juices, tea and water, I felt full – and full of energy. I needed far less sleep and was able to get so much more done in my life – once the meal planning, cooking, eating and clearing up was removed from my day, I put the extra hours to good use doing all the jobs I usually don’t have time for.

Health wise, it felt great to give my digestive system a rest and I felt lighter and more alive than when I am weighed down by eating foods that make me sluggish. My skin was clear, my eyes were brighter and I lost around half a stone in ten days. I also found that when I craved food, it was healthy food – I couldn’t wait to eat an avocado or a big bowl of soya beans (what a relief to not be stuck in a cycle of constantly wanting sugar).

Stephanie was always sunny and upbeat and called everyday to check that I was feeling OK. Nothing ever seemed too much trouble and it was reassuring to know she was always at the end of the phone.

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