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A good friend of mine was telling me how he lost a little of his pudginess at lunch a couple of weeks ago, this pricked up my ears because my 42nd birthday was coming up. I work out regularly and try as I do there are some things exercise don’t do, they don’t detox your rock and roll body. I wanted to start my 43rd year on Earth fresh.

My friend told me about the supplements and juices I would have delivered to my door every night and all I had to do was follow some very simple directions. Piece of cake.

I called Stephanie Morgan, no relation, and asked her how I would get started. She was very cool about the 2 week cleanse I was about to embark on. I, on the other hand was, tripping out. She told me how I was to receive 5 juices a day and how to take the supplements that would be provided. Food is life, and my choices in the past had been marginal at best. I consider myself a tough guy, but 2 weeks without food reminded me of the Marines. I was looking to make a lifestyle change and as the old saying goes, ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’.

With all the information Stephanie sent me, I felt informed and ready to slay my dragon. That might sound a bit over the top, but if one wants to improve oneself, you gotta get in the right state of mind.

That night a bag was delivered to my door and I took it to the kitchen and checked it out. The juices looked good and the extra stuff in the bag seemed doable. I woke the next morning and made the hot lemon drink and took my tablets and never looked back. My wife was very supportive, in the first week she ate when I was doing something else, which I had time for now without the literal burden of food. I found the first week challenging, but not overwhelming. I missed food, but I had more energy than I had in years. My work was more focused and I retained more clarity as the days went on. The first few days were a mental struggle more than anything else, I wasn’t hungry but missed the act of eating. I daydreamed about the day when I could eat and instead of cheeseburgers and junk, I was thinking about salads and fruit. If you know me, this would be the time when you would call Ghostbusters.

The really cool side-effect of detoxing your body and giving it a little love is that you lose weight. In the first week, my wife and friends told me I looked good and I was actually felling good. I was impressed with the feeling of wellness and after just 5 days I had the motivation to continue and with a little help from Stephanie, who will take your call anytime, I made some minor adjustments to my juice choices and kept it up. Like most things in life attitude is everything and I have to say that Stephanie Morgan gave me the inclination to keep the attitude I needed to finish my cleanse.

After 2 weeks, I felt better than I had in 10 years, my move back to food was a night out with my wife at Nobu, and I have to tell ya, it was amazing the way my body absorbed the small dishes. Stephanie told me to try the yellowtail and she was right. As a matter of fact, Stephanie Morgan was right about everything she told me. After 2 weeks, I lost 13 pounds, not a bad side effect, but more importantly Stephanie told me I would have a different relationship with food, I don’t crave the junk food I had in the past and I now enjoy fruit and vegetables and even salad as I never had before.

If you want to hit the reset button on your body and turn the corner and start a healthy lifestyle, Raw and Juicy is the place.

I tell everyone I know about my detox and they all make sure they get the website name right…it’s, you’ll be amazed with the results and personal touch.

Listen to Stephanie Morgan, I did.

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