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Katherine Scott


At first it seems a daunting task to commit to two weeks of no food, coffee or alcohol, however, I was really committed to giving the program my best shot. I was surprised at how tasty the juices were and every morning felt like Christmas as I opened my freshly squeezed multi colored delivery tailored to my specific needs.

The first 3 days were the hardest as I was getting used to the new routine and getting over the cold sweats and coffee withdrawals. By day 7 I felt so fantastic I never wanted the experience to end. I also loved not having to think about shopping or cooking and I felt happy knowing that everything I was putting into my body was so healthy.

It made me change the way I looked at food and my eating patterns. I realized I didn’t have to live for every meal – I suddenly started focusing more on living life and actually became more focused and productive. By day 14 I had lost 3 kgs and felt absolutely amazing!

The whole process was an enlightening and strangely spiritual experience that I would highly recommend.

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