More than just a Juice Company...

Helping you achieve your well-being goals is our number one priority!

Established in 2006 'Raw & Juicy' created the first 'Delivery Juice cleanse' service in the UK and has gone on to support thousands of people through providing Nutrition, Therapy and Life-Coaching services.

Founder Stephanie Morgan created Raw & Juicy as a solution to her own failing health and understands the unique requirements that must be met for each client embarking on a 'Raw & Juicy' cleanse', which is why all of our Juice cleanse programs include free nutritional supplementation packs and are tailored to suit the individual dietary and lifestyle requirements of each and every client in addition to providing 24hr support and advice.

Bryan Adams

"I thoroughly enjoy ‘Raw & Juicy’ when in London. Stephanie really has created a wonderful program with outstanding product and service. Give it a go!"