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Juicing Vs Blending

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Curry’s and Phillips invited Stephanie, the founder of Raw & Juicy to talk at their Tech Talk to some AWESOME health and fitness bloggers about the differences between juicing and blending. It is one of the most commonly asked questions around: is juicing or blending better for me? Here is what we at Raw & Juicy have to say about it.

JUICING is the extraction of juice from fruits and veg (which are made up of water and nutrients), which leaves behind pulp that is essentially, insoluble fibre. The benefits of removing this insoluble fibre means that nutrients can be absorbed in the body in approximately 15 minutes!! That’s several times quicker than if you are chewing and eating your food.

The downfall is that the fibre contains up to 30% of the produces nutrients, leaving you with approximately 70% of raw and juicy goodness although 100% of the juice you drink is absorbed.

Without the fibre, your digestive system is given a well-deserved rest as it is not working hard to break down food and absorb the nutrients. This helps nourishment and restoration of the body at a cellular level.

To recap, juicing:

Has no insoluble fibre

Provides a quick release of nutrients

Nutrients are absorbed much quicker more easily

Provides cellular nourishment and hydration

Pulp doesn’t have to be wasted – you can reuse it to make anything from soup to crackers and even dog treats!

But, not all fruits and vegetables can be juiced…e.g. Bananas and avocados!

Some people worry that they will be hungry whilst on a juice only diet, but this is not so as the body if literally being flooded with easily absorbed nutrients…Many people are in fact ‘starving’ at cellular level due to the lack of fresh food eaten and the excessive processed junk that is full of toxins that makes up the typical western diet.

Getting your fruit and veg ratio crucial as too much fruit and its natural sugars have the ability to cause spikes in your blood sugar leading to fatigue and mood swings!

BLENDING on the other hand, leaves no pulp and simply liquefies the whole fruit or vegetable that you are blending.

Blending breaks the fibre up rather than removing it, however it still makes it easier to digest than eating the whole fruit or veg. This creates a slower release of nutrients in to the blood stream and therefore avoids potential sugar spikes.

Blending therefore:

Fruit & veg is slower to digest than juicing, but faster than eating as a whole

Keeps you fuller for longer

Quicker to make

More sustained release of nutrients

Less fruit and veg needed

Less messy!!

Can be very calorific


They are both totally different and can both be used in a sensible and sustainable way to achieve different personal goals. There is no reason why we can’t interchange juicing or blending, or do both. We often mix the two together by juicing some produce and blending it with avocado or banana and even frozen fruits. Either way. Both methods are a great tool on giving your digestive system a break and flooding your body with fresh foods. Win – win!

Raw & Juicy create bespoke, cold pressed detox packages using 100% organic juice. Our detox’s are aimed to provide our clients the best opportunity to cleanse and detoxify their bodies by giving their digestive (and mental) systems a well-deserved break. We do this by flooding their cells with fresh, organic ingredients that enable the body to focus on ridding toxins, repairing damaged tissues and cells and resetting gut bacteria, PLUS we provide a range of supplements and goodies to compliment the detoxes aiding the process.


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