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I lost 14lbs and in the week after my juice cleanse I’m struggling to eat eat anything solid and lose another 4lbs. Its now a month on and I haven’t put any of then weight back on… I feel better, much better and obviously thinner!
In five days I’ve lost pounds in weight and 2% body fat…I’m going to do this again, of that I am most defiantly certain.
I’m no longer lusting after food and in only ten days, Im a full stone lighter and feeling rather good.
Don’t think diet! – this is a doorway to a new way of life. Learning to fuel your body & clarify your mind without ever feeling deprived. This is the best gift you can give yourself.
If you want to kick start your summer body, reboot your energy levels, and exercise bad eating habits, it starts here…
7lbs in seven days… what more could you want!