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Raw & Juicy created the first juice cleanse delivery company in the UK back in 2006. We know from first-hand experience and through having served thousands of clients exactly what is needed to make tor experience with and your juice cleanse as enjoyable and beneficial as possible!

Alongside the juices (which are tailored to suit your individual dietary and lifestyle requirements), we also provide 24hr support and advise, before, during and after your cleanse. Provided at no extra cost, with each purchase of a juice cleanse we give you a well-being pack consisting of over 17 different products and supplements to nourish and support both your physical and emotional needs, we never freeze your juices. They are created from fresh organic ingredients and delivered to within hours of being pressed. We can provide life coaching, therapy, sports nutrition and just about anything you need to help you maximise the benefits of your cleanse…Your wellbeing is our number one priority.

For weddings, private and corporate events we can arrange bespoke recipes, bespoke precept design, packaging, bar hire and serving staff to ensure that your event is one to be remembered!