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There are a few things listed below that you can do in preparation for your cleanse that will make it a more beneficial and enjoyable experience. During the first few days of a cleanse it’s possible to feel a little tired; the body is working extra hard to not only digest foods already consumed prior to your cleanse, but to also clean up toxins and waste matter that are being dumped into the blood stream as part of the detoxification process.

To make this first stage of cleansing a little easier it is advised to remove, meat, bread, dairy, alcohol and caffeine from your diet, at least three days prior to the start of your cleanse. This will lessen the volume of toxins and waste to be dealt with by the body during the first 3 days.

Once you commence your cleanse, you will have freed up a lot of extra time and energy which world have otherwise have been spent, shopping for food, eating, digesting and perhaps feeling sluggish from what you would have eaten. Some of you may also be starting to worry that you will feel a void in your day due to replacing your usual meals and snacks with juices… but fear not! There is plenty to do to keep you occupied during your cleanse and nor will you have to worry about being hungry, the juices provided for you will be more than enough to keep you feeling full and energised!

And don’t think that you have to totally banish thoughts of food from your mind whilst you’re doing the cleanse to help you stay focused, we’re not super human and it would be silly to think that we don’t need or crave food, WE ALL LOVE FOOD! We WANT you to think about food! Get some books on nutrition, new cookbooks or pull out the old cookbooks that have been sitting up in your kitchen collecting dust.

Arrange a dinner party for when you complete your cleanse, think about all of the wonderful, healthy and delicious foods that you can eat which will make you feel energised, happy and healthy!! YUM!

Please remember that your coordinator is available to you TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY, to give you information regarding, nutrition, recipes, help you plan a new exercise regime; book a spa treatment for you or to simply just “Be there”.