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As part of your programme, you will be given a green algae call ‘Spirulina’ which has a very high protein content but your body protein will be preserved anyway due to the carbohydrate content of the juices. However, continuing a juice only cleanse for too long is likely to increase the risk of losing body protein, which is why the cleansing programmes are tailored to the individual.

The body has a store of protein, and it uses it selectively. Dying and sick cells will be the first to be used and eliminated. The body would only use healthy and vital tissues as a very last resort to survive. And we’re not trying to be like Gandhi here we just want to do a little ‘Detox’ so do not worry about your protein store.

Protein cells will reduce in size (not disappear) but any changes will rectify themselves post cleansing. Your lean tissue may reduce by dehydration, which is why fluids are vital to the program.