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Cold-pressed organic juice cleanses

Taking care of your mind, body, and soul…

Raw & Juicy’s ‘Total Body Cleanse’ has been created to help Reboot, Replenish, and Rejuvenate!

Bespoke juices to suit your personal dietary and lifestyle requirements, 24hr support and advice and over
TWENTY complementary supplements and products, including a twenty-two-page positive affirmation and
mindfulness journal,  to support, nourish and motivate you during your cleanse!

*40 minutes free life/business coaching session the first time you book the ’Total Body Cleanse’.

Every aspect of your well-being has been carefully considered in creating your perfect cleansing experience!

Helping you achieve your health and well-being goals is our number one priority!

Testimonials & press

I thoroughly enjoy ‘Raw & Juicy’ when in London. Stephanie really has created a wonderful program with outstanding product and service. Give it a go!. Bryan Adams

I’m always worried about traveling to places where I can’t get fresh green juice. I am very thankful I found Raw and Juicy for my trip to London. It made my day to wake up every morning with fresh, customised juices at my door. Thanks for making sure I started my day with my daily dose of greens! Amanda de Cadenet

Don’t think diet!- this is a doorway to a new way of life. Learning to fuel your body & clarify your mind without EVER feeling deprived This is the best gift you can give yourself!

In five days I’ve lost 7lbs in weight and 2% body fat…I’m going to do this again, of that I am most definitely certain!

I’m no longer lusting after food and in only ten days, Im a full stone lighter and feeling rather good.

I lost 14lbs and in the week after my juice cleanse I struggled to eat eat anything solid and lost another 4lbs. Its now a month on and I haven’t put any of then weight back on… I feel better, MUCH BETTER and obviously thinner!

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