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"I thoroughly enjoy ‘Raw & Juicy’ when in London. Stephanie really has created a wonderful program with outstanding product and service. Give it a go!"
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Aims to help reduce harmful Acidity levels within the body whilst providing optimum Nutrition, helping to support the bodies natural everyday functions...


For full 'Alkaline Rainbow' Cleanse information, please view 'Cleanse info' below.

Alkaline Rainbow Cleanse - Min 3-Days

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  • Our Alkaline Rainbow Cleanse offers a selection of tasty, Nutritious, Alkaline,  Organic Cold-Pressed Juices to help reduce harmful pH Acidity levels within the body whilst providing optimum Nutrition helping to support the bodies natural everyday functions...

    Symptoms & Complications linked to 'Acidosis' (too much acid in the body) can include: Irritability, Anxiousness, poor Memory and Cocentration, inability or gain or lose weight, fatigue or drowsiness, becoming tired easily, confusion, shortness of breath, headaches, difficulty falling asleep, reduced Immunity, Thyroid Disease, food craving, Skin conditions, Cardiovascular disease, Cancers, the list really does go on...

    If you would like further information or sign-posting toward how create or maintain and Alkaline Diet, please do feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you...

    (for our Superiour ALKALINE Juice Cleanse please view our NEW 'pH Perfect Cleanse'.