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How to Debloat Before a Special Occasion

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One of the very many reasons why so many people choose to do one of our Juice Cleanse in London programmes is because they want to debloat. Whether you have a wedding coming up, a beach holiday looming on the horizon, or some other special occasion when you need to look your best, there’s nothing more disheartening than a rotund tummy. It can really knock your self-esteem.

Sure, you could always resort to control wear but why bother with that discomfort when you could just follow our top tips instead? Juicing is an excellent way to deflate your belly and reset your gut. Even if you can’t quite reclaim those washboard abs of your youth, you can certainly celebrate increased body confidence if you follow these simple hacks.

Top Tips on how to Debloat

So let’s dive in and review our tried and tested techniques, perfect before you head off for some fun in the sun!

Probiotic Supplements

If you’re suffering from an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, this may be contributing to your digestive health issues. Bloating is the most common but there are more. How about supplementing your diet with a good probiotic? Studies conducted on patients suffering from IBS found that in 78% of all cases their symptoms of pain and bloating were reduced when they took a daily probiotic.

Take Peppermint Oil

Another excellent option, at Juice Cleanse in London, we can testify to the fact that peppermint oil is hugely beneficial. Derived from the leaves, flowers and stems of the plant, this oil, has a positive effect, reducing the symptoms of IBS and in particular bloating. Evidence suggests that the menthol component relaxes the stomach muscles within the colon, relieving excess gas and associated bloating.

Always Eat Mindfully

One of the main ways that you can actively manage bloating is to eat more mindfully. It’s the first step on your road to better digestive health. Focus on chewing and eating slowly and consciously, savouring every mouthful. Avoid eating while watching TV or using your smartphone so that you have no distractions. The more conscious and considered you are about the pace at which you eat, the better you will be able to minimise the symptoms of bloating.

Move More

You should try and take a brisk 20-30 minute walk at least three times a week to stimulate peristalsis inside the gut. By making sure that you are consuming plenty of fibre from leafy green vegetables as well as taking regular exercise, gas that might otherwise remain trapped is encouraged to move along the digestive tract. The result is improved bowel functioning.

Try Core Strengthening Exercises

By adding targeted core training to your weekly workouts, you can help to keep the stomach flat, toned and stronger. Pilates is an excellent adjust to strength training and will really help battle the bulge.

Keep a Diary of your Triggers

Certain foods and drinks may be responsible for your bloating. If you’ve not yet had your intolerance tested, then it makes sense to keep a diary of what triggers your episodes. It could be something seemingly innocuous that you consume regularly. By attempting to lose weight by switching to “so-called” diet ranges that are packed with hidden sweeteners like sorbitol and also fructose, you could be exacerbating your bloating.

Total Body Cleanse

If you do have a special occasion coming up, then why not try one of our Juice Cleanse in London, bespoke cold-pressed juice programmes? Specially designed to help nourish the body, so you feel good from the inside out, get ready to heal your gut and activate your health with our delicious range of nourishing juices.

Our pH Perfect Cleanse is hugely beneficial when it comes to regulating and improving the Bodies delicate pH balance. You’ll be rocking those swimmers, one-piece or a bikini in next to no time. Packed with a carefully selected blend of Alkaline vegetables, fruits and herbs, you can say goodbye to bloating and a welcome hello back to your abs!

Don’t forget to check out our range of Juice Cleanses, Soups and speciality Teas all designed to deliver optimal wellbeing.


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