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How You Can Detox In Just 3 days

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Juice Cleanse in London

Perhaps you're one of those 24-hour party people types, or maybe you're just feeling sluggish and bloated right now. It doesn't matter what your reason is for wanting to reboot your system, even if it is momentarily, with one of our Raw & Juicy cleanses, you absolutely can push the reset button. You can successfully supercharge your system in 3 days. Just one day on a Juice Cleanse in London programme, and you'll experience a positive jolt to the system! Reminding you of just how good it feels to be healthy and hydrated.

Why not try a three-day detox and enjoy feeling lighter, brighter, and more nourished?

All our Juice Cleanses are optimally balanced and designed to activate your health, rich in vitamins and minerals that heal from within and nourish and revive more than just your body. You can enjoy a detox at any time, but we recommend you clear time in your diary to focus on your goals and enjoy the experience.

Wake Up early.

We recommend you set your alarm and wake up nice and early. Then start your day bright and breezy by enjoying an invigorating shot of turmeric, lemon, and ginger. It's exactly the wake-up boost your body needs to power you through your one-day detox. If it's a chilly winters day, you might also enjoy a cup of hot water and lemon to get you started and warm you from within.

Early morning ritual.

Mornings are a great time to incorporate some meditation into your routine. Try and avoid being one of those people who wakes up and immediately jumps onto their phone, scrolling through their social media feeds! While there are undeniably lots of positive influences on social media, all that chatter and noise can cloud your thoughts and lead to increased anxiety. If you are detoxing, it's vital that you remain calm, collected, and stay positive for the day ahead. Any juice cleanse can be a challenge, not just physically but also mentally, so it's crucial you calm your mind and set out your intention to have a successful day.

Drink your greens!

Depending upon which of our Juice Cleanse in London bespoke programmes you end up picking, you'll receive four delicious 500ml cold-pressed juices to drink throughout the day.

While everyone else is feeling sluggish and struggling to get their metabolism fired up, you could already have eaten your daily quota of greens before 9 am! Just imagine how satisfying that will feel? Our leafy green-based juices are packed with a rich source of plant-based iron, which naturally fights fatigue. Most of our juices also contain lemon, which aids with the absorption of iron from the gut. You'll be pleasantly surprised by just how satisfied yet light you already feel.

Time to get active.

It's essential that you keep your blood flowing, but remember to take things easy if while you are on any detox programme. Maybe enjoy a brisk power walk to boost your heart rate without overexerting yourself. Then treat yourself to an aloe vera shot, which will help control and stabilise your blood sugar levels and deliver a natural source of vitamin C that will further enhance your body's ability to absorb all the fabulous iron from the plant-based foods you're enjoying on your mini detox.

Stagger your juices throughout the day.

Not only do we include 4 x 500ml cold-pressed juices, but we also include a smaller 250ml juice so you'll never feel hungry to deprived. You can stagger your juices throughout the day. We do provide a total body cleanse support pack that provides optimal instructions on how and when to use your Raw & Juicy products.

Winding down time.

You'll be amazed at how quickly your detox has passed. It's now time to relax and unwind and take on board all the benefits of your detox. Take stock of how your mind and body felt throughout from start to finish with some positive affirmations. Now might be an excellent time to draw yourself a bath, adding your dead sea salts and indulging in the luxurious dairy-free treat of one of our delicious Nut Milk drinks. With additional ingredients, including cocoa and vanilla, you'll finish up your day feeling comforted and satisfied, ready to enjoy a restful night's sleep. Who'd have thought that a three day detox could be so deeply rewarding?

If it's time you pressed the reset button and you're interested in finding out more about Juice Cleanse in London, then get in touch with us here at Raw & Juicy so we can match your needs with one of our bespoke juice cleanses.


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