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Juice vs Smoothie - What’s the Difference

Juice Cleanse in London

Let’s just caveat this by saying, if you’re consuming your quota of fruit and vegetables a day, that’s a great starting point. Whether you choose to eat them raw, boil them, steam them, blend or press; that’s your choice. We’re just happy that you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle and appreciate how important it is to have a nutritionally balanced diet.

Of course, our Juice Cleanse in London programmes are all based around optimum nutrition, which is why we prefer to cold-press our organic range of juices to deliver the maximum amount of micronutrients in one shot. Blending fresh fruit and vegetables is also good, but what’s the difference we hear you ask? Let’s dive in deeper to discover.

So What’s the Big Difference?

Simply put, it’s all about fibre and how your body digests a juice versus the thicker consistency of a smoothie. Essentially, a smoothie is made by placing all the ingredients at once into a container where they get processed together. You can consume the entirety of all the fruits and veggies you’ve added to your mix, including the fibre.

A juicer works differently, filtering out much of the fibre to leave you with an easy to digest, liquid juice that’s crammed with essential nutrients and is a tasty and convenient way to get lots of vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients into your body easily.

Both open up a wonderful door to experimenting with fun and delicious recipes that can flood your body with nourishing ingredients.

What’s So Great About Blending and Juicing?

They both have huge amounts of benefits. When you blend, you can kick start the digestive system in a powerful way. It’s also great for “hiding” less popular ingredients that you might otherwise struggle to get the kids to try. Dark leafy greens are the perfect compliment to a smoothie. We all know how good they are for us, but how many of us eat them as frequently as we should?

When it comes to juicing, you have quick and bountiful access to a much larger volume of micronutrients, all ready to consume in just the one glass. If you were to sit down with a full plate of vegetables, chances are you might get bored, or full, pretty quickly and therefore miss out on the concentration. Juicing is such an amazing way for your body to assimilate all that wonderful goodness which is why our Juice Cleanse in London programmes are so powerful and popular. Without the presence of fibre within a juice, your body can so much more quickly break down and absorb the nutrients it needs to stay fit and in peak condition.

If you are looking for a range of nutritious and healthy juices, packed with cold-pressed vitamins and minerals, then you’ll adore our bespoke juice cleanses. Plus, if you also love organic fruit and vegetables and appreciate quintessential nutrition, delivered directly to your door with zero contact, then check out our sister company, Raw & Juicy Organics for organic fruit and boxes delivery in London.


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