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Why Self-Care Should Be a Part of Your Daily Routine

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We all know daily life can be hectic, especially if you are juggling multiple things on your plate at once. So making sure you take time out for yourself is so important and even more poignant nowadays with mental health issues on the rise dramatically.

The Importance of Self-Care

At Raw and Juicy we wanted to give you the low down on not only how important self-care is, but also how to go about it. We believe that self-care is essential not only for the brain and soul but also internally too! You need to nourish to flourish, taking care of yourself from the inside out. That’s why we have our 3+ day Juice Cleanses in London, all of which can be ordered directly from our website and conveniently delivered straight to your door. Our juice plans eliminate the fuss and hassle of having to do it yourself daily when you are already busy enough and stretched to capacity.

Overhaul your Body, Mind and Spirit

Juice cleanses are part of the perfect package to give yourself that overhaul your body and brain are screaming out for. We suggest starting on the inside and working out, so one of our 3, 5 or 7-day juice cleanse in London packages is the perfect way to kick start the new healthier you. With a variety of different options, even tailored to your food likes and dislikes we can get you started on your cleanse journey.

Juice Cleanses and Self-Love

While you are on your juice cleanse, it is the perfect time to reignite your passion with exercise, as this boosts endorphins and serotonin levels, making you “feel’ happier.

You can start with just 30 minutes exercise, 3 times and week and it can be something as simple as a brisk walk, light jog, yoga, Pilates or even a home work out.

Combine this with one of our Juice Cleanse in London prescriptive programmes and you will quickly see and feel amazing results. We have some amazing testimonials from individuals who have lost up to 10lbs in their first week alone, not to mention, reignited their lust for life and found time to finally focus on self-care.

In the Words of the Dalai Lama


Positive Mind, Happy Life

Once you’ve completed our juice cleanse, the next step in your self-care process is to work out what makes you ‘happy’ and write It down, so you can try and do something that makes you happy each week. For you that might be reading, baking or hanging out with friends. It really can be something small and simple. Little steps are often what make the biggest difference.

Meditation and Affirmations

Next up, we highly recommend you try meditation alongside positive affirmations. This is straightforward to initiate and there are plenty of helpful apps out there to get you going on your self-care journey. It’s not all rose crystals, burning incense and listening to sound healing tracks, although trust us, they really do help! Instead, it’s about learning to love yourself and your surroundings and being grateful for what you have in the hear and now. It’s vital that you are present and connected in order to remain grounded.

Taking Stock

Lastly, you want to take stock of your life, as time management is key! We are often so busy running around we forget to slow down and just enjoy the small moments. Again, that’s where our Juice Cleanse in London programmes can be hugely beneficial as we do all the preparation and planning for you, meaning there’s one less thing to get stressed about!

Here are some more essential self-care tips that you should try to incorporate into daily life:-

  • Cooking fresh, healthy meals (or have our juice cleanse)

  • Pampering yourself, from a massage to a nice hot bath or even a Spa Day

  • Learning to love your appearance, embracing those lumps and bumps because you are all beautiful, inside and out.

Remember you are AMAZING! However, if you are currently feeling sub-par, don’t worry. We’ll soon have you back on track, loving life and feeling healthy and alive! Just check out our delicious range of organic cold-pressed juices. Commit to making well-being your number one priority.

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