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Why Shopping Organic is Better for You and the Planet

Juice Cleanse in London

One thing we’re huge advocates of, not just in our Juice Cleanse in London programmes, but also our range of delicious teas and Pick ‘n’ Mix grocery boxes, is going organic. Making the right nutritional choices for you and your family can feel like a daunting task. That’s why at Raw & Juicy we do the heavy lifting for you. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of organic. In case you’re not yet convinced that it’s the way to go for you, we’ve compiled our top recommendations as to why we believe going organic will put you on a better path towards improved health and happiness.

No GMO’s Included

Food certified as being organic is guaranteed NOT to include any harmful chemicals or GMO’s. GMO’s are frequently engineered for use in conjunction with a single harmful chemical, therefore, by shopping organic, you can make a stance against large chemical corporations polluting our fields and the food that ends up on our tables and in your tummy.

Maintains Healthier Soil Levels

The choices you make at the supermarket or when you are shopping online for something like one of our Juice Cleanse in London programmes can have a direct impact on your health. Likewise, the choices you make can also dictate the health of the earth.

Simply put, non-organic foodstuffs get sprayed with toxic chemicals that kill everything apart from the crop itself. That includes living organisms. For plants and crops to flourish, the soil it’s grown in needs to be nutrient-rich, something that living organisms crucially provide.

Supports Pollinators

Life on earth relies upon biodiversity; from the biggest mammals to the most minutiae of insects. Unfortunately, today’s modern Herbicides and Pesticides don’t discriminate between good and bad bugs. They simply eradicate them all.

By shopping for organic and supporting organic farming practises, you can support the necessary level of biodiversity required. Not only that, but it also supports a much healthier farm lifestyle and by extension, a healthier community.

More Nutrient-Rich Produce

Just think about it for a minute. Organic produce gets its source of nutrients from rich, healthy, organic dirt. It’s therefore in much more abundant and plentiful supply than crops grown in soil that has been treated with synthetic fertilisers made from fossil fuels. Do you really want what fuels your car engine to also fuel your internal engine?

Organic Food Is Simply More Flavourful

Just try any one of our Juice Cleanse in London programmes if you’re not convinced yet on this point. They’re all super delicious and that’s not a happy coincidence. Produce that’s not “stressed out” tastes better. It’s happier and healthier and hasn’t had to use it’s energy digging deep to find a source of nutrients. Instead, it can focus on growth and delivering an abundant and flavourful supply of fruit and crops for us all to enjoy.

Organic produce is happy, tasty produce!

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