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Cold Pressed Juice: Is It Worth The Hype?

Juice Cleanse in London

Whether you're looking to kick start a healthier eating program, trying to shift a few Xmas indulgence pounds or just a lover of juicing in general, you've no doubt heard of the popular phenomena known as cold-pressed juicing. If you haven't, then welcome to our Juice Cleanse in London; centred around delicious and densely nutritious cold-pressed raw juices.

The question is: Is It Healthier Or Just Hype?

Well, let's start with a quick introduction to what cold-pressed means.

As you can probably guess from the name, it's made by pressing, also known as "masticating" fruit and vegetables. Produce is crushed, as opposed to blended, which delivers the highest yield of juice with the densest nutritional content. It's a more labour intensive and time-consuming process, but it's worth it. The reason being that this unique process of extraction releases the juices to activate even more nutrients as opposed to using blades.

Conversely, by juicing with blades, which heat up when they spin, essential nutrients can actually be denigrated and destroyed. Centrifugal style juicers may well be popular and practical. Still, they miss out on delivering so many of the benefits of cold-pressed juicing, and we think you deserve to fill your body with easily absorbable and optimal nutritional goodness! The kind only available from cold-pressed juices.

Nutrient Content Of Cold Pressed Juice

One of the key vitamins to be released from the juice of fruit and vegetables is Vitamin C. This is incredibly sensitive to both heat and light, which is where the cold pressing process has distinct advantages over other extraction processes.

If you're searching for a Juice Cleanse in London that's packed with variety, flavour and fully concentrated juice content, then Raw & Juicy's perfectly balanced blends can help support your nutritional goals. If you're committed to feeling good from the inside out, then cold-pressed juice really is worth the hype. Whether your goal is to heal, nourish, or revive, a daily cocktail of freshly sourced vitamins and minerals will have you feeling reinvigorated, revitalised, and brimming with renewed energy.

Free From Added Sugars And Preservatives

Another considerable advantage of our cold-pressed juices is that they are 100% organic and totally free from added sugars and preservatives. So many shop-bought juices are deceptively full of added ingredients or have been watered down, diluting not just their flavour but also their effectiveness. With cold-pressed juice, all of natures' goodness is retained for maximum nutritional benefit.

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Another distinct advantage of cold-pressed juice is that it doesn't just stick to the most popular and readily available fruits like so many shop-bought juices do. By incorporating a whole host of vegetables and not only fruits, you can access far more antioxidant benefits. You'll find delicious combinations of ingredients, including Apple, Cucumber, Fennel, Box Choi, Spinach, and Lemon.

The optimum blend of fruit and vegetables can rebalance the body's natural PH levels, reduce inflammation, boost immunity as well as ease digestive problems. Regularly drinking cold-pressed juices can assist with the natural detoxification process within the body. That's because the cold-pressed process retains up to 92% of the produce nutrients. How amazing is that? Just think about all that natural goodness and how much more energy you'll have. How much better will you feel when your body is back in harmony?

If you're committed to a healthier lifestyle and are interested in finding out more about Juice Cleanse in London, then get in touch with us here at Raw & Juicy today and let us guide you through our bespoke juice cleanse programs.


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