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Top Tips to Strengthen your Immune System

Juice Cleanse in London

With the news full of the spread of Coronavirus right now, you're not alone if your thoughts have switched to how you can strengthen your immune system and help protect your family from infection.

Short of self-isolation and covering yourself in bubble wrap, chances are you'll come into close contact with a myriad of germs every day of your life. Whether you're jumping on the underground, popping for a quick gym session after work, or just heading to the supermarket!

The winter months are, of course, notorious for spreading cold and flu-like viruses. As the days are cold and dark (though thankfully Spring is finally in the air in the Western hemisphere at least), you're likely to be feeling more tired and run down than usual. That's where Juice Cleanse in London is on hand to help you pack a punch!

Nourish to Flourish

It's absolutely essential to flood your body with nourishing foods, packed with essential vitamins and minerals. That way, you can give your body a fighting chance of fending off fatigue and warding off colds. The best way that you can look after your immune system is by following one of our Juice Cleanse in London prescriptive juice programmes.

Today, we thought we'd reveal some of our top tips to strengthen your immune system. They're simple and effective daily hacks that you can all incorporate.

Get Ready to Glow from Within

Vitamin C is essential when it comes to supporting the immune system as well as helping in the daily battle against tiredness and fatigue. Ever since the days of the British Empire when our sailors set sail for months on end and were ravaged by scurvy, Vitamin C has been regarded as an essential nutrient for overall health.

It contains something called ascorbic acid, which is one of the most important water-soluble vitamins there is. Vitamin C is essential for carnitine, collagen and neurotransmitter biosynthesis in humans. We need to ensure that our diets are packed with an abundant source of Vitamin C. Luckily it's found in a host of popular fruits and vegetables, most of which are packed into Raw & Juicy's range of delicious and nutritious juices.

While the recommended RDA of Vitamin C is set at between 75-90 mg, more recent studies indicate that for optimal health benefits, you should be trying to consume 500mg daily.

Be sure to pack your juices, smoothies and soups with plenty of Vitamin C boosting ingredients. The following are an excellent source:

Sweet potatoes



Green Peppers

Citrus Fruits


Kiwi Fruit




Include Foods Rich in Vitamin A

It's no coincidence that our juices and soups are packed with rich sources of Vitamin A. Carrots, in particular, are especially abundant in beta-carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A. It's an essential nutrient which plays a valuable role in supporting our body's mucous membranes, protecting the intestinal and respiratory tract. That, in turn, makes it so much harder for pesky bacteria to enter into the bloodstream where it can lead to infection.

Raw & Juicy vegan soups and juices are packed with Vitamin A. If you're looking to get more Vitamin A into your diet naturally, then stock up on:



Sweet Potatoes

Red Peppers




Stave off Sniffles with Ginger and Garlic

Two super medicinal boosting ingredients to have on hand if you're trying to give your immune system a seasonal boost are ginger and garlic. They're a killer combo! Often used as regular health boosters as well as instant remedies for a wide variety of conditions.

Recent double-blind placebo-controlled trials suggest that taking garlic for 12 weeks can activity reduce the occurrence and length of the common cold by as much as 70%. While ginger is known to contain potent anti-inflammatory compounds as well as easing digestion, breaking up and expelling excess gas and yes, fighting against colds and viruses.

Juice Cleanse in London loves using both these super tasty ingredients in our range of freshly prepared products.

So if you are feeling a bit below par, tired, sluggish or simply run down, check out Raw & Juicy's range of immune-boosting bespoke juice cleanses today. We're here to help you get your immunity back on an even keel and give a big heave-ho to those seasonal sniffles.


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