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What Is Veganuary And How Can You Give It A Go?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Juice Cleanse in London

Veganuary is turning into quite a movement. With a vision to bring veganism into the mainstream

and to promote the benefits across all levels of society of embracing a plant-based diet, veganuary

is an opportunity for non-vegans to sample the benefits of this fresh and natural approach to


If you’re looking for a Juice Cleanse in London that’s committed to the principles of veganuary thenyou should feel right at home at Raw & Juicy. Just like the movement itself, we also pride ourselves on delivering a non-judgemental, approachable, realistic, and 100% fresh approach to healthy living. Our organic cold-pressed juices, delicious and nutritious vegan soups, and fairtrade teas are all designed to help support your veganuary goals.

Taking The Veganuary Pledge

If you’re thinking about taking the veganuary pledge, then it’s important to make sure that you’re

doing it safely and covering all the nutritional bases.

Like any new diet, suddenly changing the way you eat requires extensive research to ensure that

you’re enjoying and accessing the correct balance of nutrients your body needs to remain healthy

and full of energy. That’s where our range of effortlessly nutritious, wholesome, and hearty soups

can ensure you stay on the right track. A well thought out vegan diet can absolutely provide not just

the essential nutrients your body requires but a whole host of other health benefits besides.

The Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

First up, a vegan diet is packed with micronutrients simply because of the additional fresh fruit and

vegetables you’ll naturally end up consuming.

Did you know that most people in the UK don’t eat anywhere near the ideal portions of fresh fruit

and vegetables recommended per day? The latest figures suggest that 7 in 10 adults and 9 in 10

children in the UK aren’t consuming enough fruit and vegetables. Pretty astounding.

With a well planned vegan diet, it’s so easy to eat more than just five portions of fruit and

vegetables per day. A vegan diet is abundant in nuts, seeds, and whole grains too, all of which can

deliver vital essential minerals and nutrients, including potassium, zinc, and folic acid.

In just one portion of our Thai Chilli Kale Soup, for example, you’ll discover the zesty yet calming

combination of peas, edamame, spinach, kale, and mushrooms alongside lime, lemongrass,

coriander, and turmeric to name just a few of the delicious fresh ingredients. Making it easier than

ever before to commit to a healthy and well balanced vegan lifestyle.

A vegan diet can also help prevent a host of prevalent 21st-century diseases, including obesity,

type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and even cardiovascular morality. The unsaturated fats

predominantly found in plant-based foods don’t appear to accumulate as visceral fat, which is such

a problem with today’s modern lifestyles. By incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet

too, you’re also likely to lose some weight. That’s because enjoying an eating plan that’s rich in

vegetables and whole grains prevents unwanted spikes in blood sugar levels. By sticking to fresh

juices and soups, just like the ones offered at Raw & Juicy, you’ll also avoid consuming trans fats,

which can be so difficult for the body to break down.

If you’re keen to give veganuary a go or want to dabble with more plant-based choices, then

get in touch with us here at Raw & Juicy today and let us put together a tailor-made

program of delicious vegan juices and soups, perfect for you! Start your Juice Cleanse in London today!


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