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Rooibos Cocoa Chai

Rooibos Cocoa Chai

Cardamom requires plenty of rainfall and shade to thrive, and the fresh pods are harvested by hand during the wet season. The torrential rains make the transportation of the harvest particularly challenging, often washing away vital roads. Once harvested the crop is dried and graded by colour, size and density - the heavier the pod, the higher the essential oil content and the better the quality. Our Cardamom grows in the forested hills of eastern Guatemala, cultivated by cooperatives of small scale producers. Our supplier supports the small producer cooperatives with quality control, improvement in yields and training, helping them to get a better return for their crop. Local communities are also supported with social projects such as investment in health care, dental care and schools.

  • Tasting Notes

    Honey sweet, with warming spice and a rich Cocoa finish.

  • Ingredients

    Rooibos leaf (25%), Honeybush leaf, Cassia bark, Cocoa shells (15%), Cardamom pod, Orange peel, Clove bud.

  • Important minimum order info

    Unless ordered in addition to a Juice cleanse, a minimum basket spend of £50 is required. Please note than an order below £50 can still be confirmed at checkout, but will not be processed (Monies will be refunded - as the site is new we will be working to update and resolve this so that checkout will not be possible if below the £50 minimum product spend).


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