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Super Green Tea

Super Green Tea

For this tea we specifically cut Turmeric root fingers, which are sourced from Kerala in South West India. The Turmeric is grown in a permaculture system amongst other crops and beneficial species such as; Nutmeg, Jackfruit, Pepper vines, Coconut trees and Gliricidia, a leguminous tree that has nitrogen fixing and soil binding properties, on the steep slopes of Kerala’s highlands. Sweet sherbert-like Lemon Myrtle leaf has an incredible fresh flavour that complements Green tea. The Lemon Myrtle leaves are harvested from trees that are indigenous to the east coast of Australia. These trees can grow to some 30m in height, however, in cultivation on they are kept much lower to enable harvesting. Leaves are mechanically harvested roughly every three months.

  • Tasting Notes

    Sherbert Lemon, bright, minerally and uplifting.

  • Ingredients

    Sencha Green tea, Dooars Green tea, Turmeric root, Lemon Myrtle leaf, Matcha IDM.

  • Important minimum order info

    Unless ordered in addition to a Juice cleanse, a minimum basket spend of £50 is required. Please note than an order below £50 can still be confirmed at checkout, but will not be processed (Monies will be refunded - as the site is new we will be working to update and resolve this so that checkout will not be possible if below the £50 minimum product spend).


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