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Turmeric Chai Tea

Turmeric Chai Tea

The warming Vietnamese Cassia in this tea comes from the highlands of Yen Bai in Northern Vietnam. The growers belong to the H’Mong and Dao tribes and our supplier has invested in local infrastructure such as schools and health care centres to support these rural communities. After 5-7 years of growth the whole tree is harvested for its aromatic bark, which is then carefully removed from the trunk and main branches before sun drying. The wood from the tree is not wasted, it is used for furniture making which is sold in the local domestic markets. Young trees are raised in nurseries by the growers and their communities, to replenish those harvested and they are managed in a way that protects soil and enables continuity.

  • Tasting Notes

    Earthy, aromatic, spicy, smooth and uplifting.

  • Ingredients

    Cassia bark, Ginger root, Turmeric root (15%), Liquorice root, Orange peel, Clove.

  • Important minimum order info

    Unless ordered in addition to a Juice cleanse, a minimum basket spend of £50 is required. Please note than an order below £50 can still be confirmed at checkout, but will not be processed (Monies will be refunded - as the site is new we will be working to update and resolve this so that checkout will not be possible if below the £50 minimum product spend).


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